Turkish soldier who harassed a woman in Şırnak suspended and detained

The Şırnak Bar Association announced that the Turkish specialist sergeant who harassed a woman was suspended and detained after treatment.

A drunken Turkish specialist sergeant harassed a woman in the Dicle neighbourhood of Şırnak yesterday evening. The people in the neighbourhood responded to the harassment with self-defence and beat the Turkish soldier.

The Turkish soldier was hospitalised and treated, while an investigation was initiated.

In a statement about the incident, Şırnak Bar Association announced on Saturday that the specialist sergeant with the initials Z.Ç. was suspended and detained within the scope of an investigation conducted by Şırnak Chief Public Prosecutor's Office after his treatment.

The statement by Şırnak Bar Association said: "At around 21:30 on 12.04.2024, the images of an alcoholic person serving as a specialist sergeant beaten as a result of the outrage caused by his alleged harassment of a citizen were reflected in the press. Due to the incident, 4 of our citizens were detained, and it has been learned that the public officer named Z.Ç., whose judicial and administrative investigation process is ongoing, has been suspended, and a detention order has been issued against him. We invite our citizens to common sense due to this grave incident that caused a serious outrage in society. We announce to the public that we are following the investigation process meticulously, and we will be a close follower of the incident."