Turkish soldier commits suicide during invasion operation in South Kurdistan

The guerrillas' determined resistance to the invasion of southern Kurdistan, which has been ongoing for six months, is causing psychological problems among the Turkish troops. In Metîna, a soldier committed suicide.

The Turkish army's invasion of the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) has been going on for half a year. In the process, the Turkish state has suffered devastating defeats and heavy losses. Six months after the start of the military operation, a look at the map of the war zones shows that the Turkish army has not yet been able to record any progress.

According to local sources, this defeat at the hands of the guerrillas is causing psychological problems within the Turkish troops. Most recently, a sergeant committed suicide on Hill Tangê in Metîna on October 15. The dead man was one of the paid soldiers deployed in the operation. The hill is located in the Zendura area, where massive fighting has taken place. After the suicide, the mental condition of the soldiers from the unit is said to have deteriorated even further.

Meanwhile, the Turkish army continues to use chemical weapons that it receives from its international allies.