Turkish jets bomb Maxmur Camp 

The invading Turkish army’s jets have bombed the vicinity of the Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp, injuring two civilians.

Sources in Maxmur say the invading Turkish army jets bombed the Maxmur camp, located in Southern Kurdistan.

Sources say the vicinity of the camp was bombed and two civilians were injured. There are no known casualties.

The two civilians were buried under falling earth due to the explosions. The wounded were removed and taken to the hospital by camp residents and both civilians are doing well.

The bombing also damaged the vinyards and orchards of the camp residents.

Camp residents left their homes and are protesting in the aftermath of the attack.

The attack started at 00:10 and at least 3 bombs were dropped. A source in Maxmur said they heard 3 strong explosions. There were scouting flights during the attack.

A camp resident spoke to the ANF and said there are no PKK members where they live, and that the attack targeted civilian residential areas.

In footage obtained by the ANF, camp residents are seen moving away from the explosion site while others move closer to ground zero to see if there are any casualties.

The Turkish state has increased systematic attacks against civilian residential areas in Southern Kurdistan.

Turkish fighter jets had bombed the Spindar village in Duhok’s Amadiya district on Friday. 3 civilians were injured in the attack.

The Turkish state has been systematically targeting civilian residential areas. In an attack in late June, 3 civilians were killed and 5 others were wounded in an attack against the Kortek area in Qandil.

This is not the first time the Turkish state has targeted the Maxmur Refugee Camp where over 12.000 refugees are settled.

In an airstrike on December 13, 2018, 4 civilians responsible for the safety of Maxmur had lost their lives.

Both the Iraqi government and the KDP-controlled regional government in Hewler continue to remain silent on the attacks against civilian residential areas and the camp.