Turkish attacks on Rojava face harsh response from YPG

The Turkish army that attempted to cross into Rojava's Dirbesiyê city through Çetelê and Gir Beşkê villages faced harsh response from YPG forces. One Turkish tank was destroyed during ensuing clashes.

At 09:00 this morning, Turkish forces attacked the headquarters of self-defense forces in Qere Baba village in Efrîn's Raco district. The howitzer and mortar attack was harshly responded by YPG forces. Turkish army also shelled the villages of Tel Cica, Tel Madiq, Samuqa, Meranaz, Bêluniyê and Tal Rıfat town with howitzer, artillery and tank fire.

At 16:30 Wednesday afternoon, Turkish army attempted to attack the self-defense forces in Şilteht village in Efrîn's Bilbile district with a panzer. YPG and self-defense forces targeted and hit the panzer with RPG7 weapon.

Earlier this evening, Turkish forces moved to cross into the Gir Beşkê village of Dirbesîyê city with the goal of invasion. The attempt was thwarted by YPG forces who also destroyed a tank that attempted to cross the border near Çetelê village.

Meanwhile, people in Dirbesîye have prepared themselves to mount self-defense against attacks of the Turkish army.