Turkish army continues to attack Rojava

YPG Media Center announced that the Turkish army continues its attacks on Rojava.

YPG Media Center issued a written statement on the Turkish army’s attacks on Rojava, and said that 80 Turkish soldiers accompanied by 2 tanks violated the Turkey-Rojava border near the Hemam village of Afrin’s Cindirêsê district and occupied the area between the villages of Hemam and Merwanî on May 27. The occupying forces later shelled Tatmaraş village and caused material damage. YPG noted that Turkish soldiers also shelled the village of Ziyaret to the west of Kobanê from the Turkish side of the border at 21:45 on the same day.

The Media Center informed the public about recent ISIS attacks and said that gangs tried to infiltrate the village of Bucak to the south of Kobanê’s Sirîn town at 13:00 on May 27, but were forced to withdraw in the face of YPG/YPJ forces’ resistance.

YPG stated that ISIS gangs also attacked the areas to the southwest, east and west of Tişrîn dam at 12:00, 14:30 and 21:00 on May 27, respectively. Gangs also attacked the town of Şêxler in Kobanê from their positions to the south of Jarablus between 14:00 and 14:30 on the same day.

Lastly, YPG noted that a violent explosion took places in between the ISIS positions to the south of Jarablus around 21:00 on May 27, and the reason and consequences of the explosion have not yet been clarified.