The KDP continues its provocation in Metîna

The KDP has begun its activity in Metîna and entered a new phase in the summer of 2020. While the Turkish state launched invasion attacks against Metina and Heftanîn, the KDP concentrated its military forces in guerrilla areas.

The KDP carried out its first attack on Metina together with Iraqi border guards. After this attack, tens of military bases and checkpoints were established in Metîna in the last year. In the history of South Kurdistan, so many military bases and checkpoints have never been established in one year alone. The Turkish state, which was defeated in Garê, got intelligence information and the coordinates of the guerrilla camps from the KDP.

The Turkish state, which could not break the resistance of the guerrillas despite all its technological weapons, used the KDP again as a partner in the invasion operations. After this cooperation, the KDP began preparations to blockade the entire Qendil, Metîna, Sheladize, Xelîfan and Medya Defense Areas and began ambushing the guerrilla forces. The latest incident in the Xelîfan region is a case in point.

On 5 June, KDP forces openly declared war in the region of Metîna and sent their military forces there. Afterwards, it launched an attack from two arms, facing the strait between the Girê Çarçel and Girê Hakkari regions of Metîna. That was the day the Turkish state launched new provocations. The guerrilla forces in the Metîna region reviewed their position and tactics and decided to withdraw. 6 guerrillas fell as martyrs in the epic resistance during the withdrawal process. The guerrilla forces in Girê Çarçel and Girê Hakkari regions acted diligently to avoid fighting the KDP and to avoid new provocations.

What forces are in Metîna?

The KDP in the Metîna region is present with two forces. In the north of the Metîna region, that is, in the region from Kanîmasi to Batufa, the KDP acts jointly with the second, third and fourth brigades. In the south of Metîna, it is acting together with the Zêrevanî forces. This force includes commando forces and Roj mercenaries. Although they use the name peshmerga, there is no peshmerga among these forces fighting against the guerrillas. These forces are the hired forces of Barzani and the KDP.

Who are the Zêrevani forces?

The Zêrevani forces, formed outside the Peshmerga, are dependent on the Barzani family. Another duty of this force is to ensure the safe entry and exit of the invading Turkish army. The Turkish state has a strong organization among the Zêrevani forces. In other words, these forces are assigned by the Turkish state. These forces were chosen to be sent to the guerrilla area. Some of the Zêrevanî forces were trained to fight against the guerrillas.

KDP launches new operation

On the night of 2 September, KDP forces sent military forces to the Metîna region and established new bases. It is stated that they will establish a few more bases in the coming days. The aim of this latest operation is to block all roads and prevent the passage of logistics materials to the guerrilla forces. The KDP wants to take control of the whole area and follow the guerrilla forces with security cameras and surveillance techniques. The Turkish state does what it cannot do with the support of the KDP. This once again reveals the line of betrayal on the side of the occupation.