The Kalashnikov and the bullets of the guerrillas

"The Kurdish movement is against war. We want a free and fraternal coexistence of all peoples. However, the only language the enemy understands is the Kalashnikov and the bullets of the guerrillas," says HPG fighter Bengîn Barmanî.

HPG fighter Bengîn Barmanî spoke to ANF on the Turkish occupation operation in the Medya Defense Zones and the resistance of the guerrillas, and in his assessment he has also addressed the hunger strike of political prisoners in Turkey and the Kurdish movement's attitude towards the war:

"The enemy came to Gare in February with a high demand. He wanted to attack the guerrilla headquarters and deal a crushing blow to the guerrillas. This plan was foiled by Heval Şoreş and his comrades-in-arms. The enemy was weakened as a result, and we knew that even greater attacks would come after this blow. We are now fighting with the spirit of resistance of Heval Şoreş. The enemy wanted to settle in Metîna and Zagros after the Gare operation. The struggle of the guerrillas against it continues. I would like to take this opportunity to greet all companions who are resisting the enemy in their positions.

I also greet the friends who have been on hunger strike against isolation in prison for a long time. They are participating in the 'Time for Freedom' campaign under very difficult circumstances and I bow my head with respect for their resistance. The prisons and the mountains complement each other. I also salute the resistance in Maxmur and Greece. We know all too well by now that the enemy does not want dialogue. The guerrillas fighting in the Metîna, Zagros, Zap and Avaşîn areas at the moment know how to inflict defeat on the enemy. Actions against the enemy take place every day. Every fighter writes a resistance legend. This is a war of historical importance. The enemy wants to destroy the Kurdish people with the PKK. And we want to drive him out not only from Bashur [South Kurdistan], but from all of Kurdistan."

"We draw our strength from the martyrs and from the people"

The guerrillas must be supported in their resistance against the Turkish occupation, emphasizes the HPG fighter: "The war is taking place in all parts of Kurdistan. We are fighting with the strategy of a revolutionary people's war. Undoubtedly, the other pillar of this struggle is the people. We have expectations from our people. There is a hundred-year tradition of uprising and resistance. The enemy uses all kinds of repressive measures, but the people still have to do what is necessary. The children of this people have been fighting for Kurdistan in the mountains for years. We have only our lives and we are ready to sacrifice them for Kurdistan.

In Kurdistan, all children are in danger. No one knows when the enemy will fire a bullet or put someone in prison. Faced with this situation, society cannot have a clear conscience. Therefore, the people must participate in the struggle under all circumstances. In the villages and towns, the resistance of Gare and Zagros must be supported, even if only three people come together. This is especially true for Bakur [North Kurdistan], because if the struggle is developed there, we will reach success faster. The revolutionary people's war is based on this.

In this context, I also appeal to the Kurdish youth. The enemy is weaker than ever before. Young people are particularly affected by his attacks. It uses all kinds of methods, from physical attacks to drugging them. In doing so, it takes away their youth. It does not allow them to think even for a second about their families, about themselves and about society. It forces them to live a completely degenerate life. In this situation, a great role also falls to the parents. They must stand up for their children and teach them Kurdish culture. It is time for victory and the liberation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. Therefore, it is important that the youth of Kurdistan participate in this process. They must participate in the resistance campaign and fulfill their tasks. We have full confidence in our people and the Kurdish youth. We draw our strength from the martyrs and from our people."

The choice between surrender and death

Turkey is ruled by a fascist system, Bengîn Barmanî continues, concluding: "As is well known, the enemy has timed the beginning of the current invasion to coincide with the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. As an organization, we have said quite a few times that the goal of the Turkish occupying state is genocide against the Kurds. If a Kurd living in Bakur believes that no great harm has been done to him yet, it is because the guerrillas have prevented this genocide so far. The Turkish state wants to remove this obstacle in order to complete the planned genocide. In any case, the founding of the Republic of Turkey is based on the partition of Kurdistan.

To be affected by the enemy's attacks, it is enough to be a Kurd. He leaves the Kurds no other way than death, surrender and Turkishness. Maybe today you can still say that you are living a comfortable life and nothing will happen to you. This is thanks to the resistance of the guerrillas. Otherwise, it would not be possible to live a quiet life as a Kurdish person. As a movement, we are against war. What we want is a free and fraternal coexistence of all peoples, including the Kurdish and Turkish. This is part of the system we want to build. We are forced to fight against the enemy. As I have already said, the fascist AKP/MHP government does not want to know anything about dialogue and peace. The only language it understands is the Kalashnikov and the bullets of the guerrillas."