Tevgera Azadî supports four candidates in Iraqi elections

The Kurdish Azadî movement is supporting four independent candidates from Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Raperin in the Iraqi parliamentary elections in October.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Iraq on October 10. The Kurdish Azadî movement (Tevgera Azadî ya Civaka Kurdistanê) is supporting four independent candidates in the elections, who presented themselves at an event in Sulaymaniyah on Tuesday.

At the event, Tevgera Azadî co-chair Mihemed Ebdullah appealed to all Iraqi nationals to give their votes to the candidates for the 329 seats in parliament who are committed to serving the people. In a speech, Tara Hisên, who with Ebdullah is the dual leader of the Azadî movement, criticized the work of the previous parliament and called for a stronger commitment to women's and human rights.

Three of the four candidates supported by Tevgera Azadî who presented themselves at the event are women: Şirîn Ebdullah from Kirkuk and Ronak Mecîd and Yusra Receb from Sulaymaniyah. Mihemed Hesen runs in the Raperin region.

Tevgera Azadî was founded as a political party in the autonomous region of Southern Kurdistan and officially recognized in Iraq. In November 2018, the party's offices were closed by decision of the Kurdish Ministry of the Interior.