Syrian Democratic Forces announce final declaration

The Syrian Democratic Forces said on October 15 there is an important need for unity among democratic military forces for the current state in Syria to bring back peace to country.

The Syrian Democratic Forces said on October 15 there is an important need for unity among democratic military forces for the current state in Syria to bring back peace to country. For that reason, all components of Syria realize legitimate defense, founding the very bases of a national military force for the future of Syria. The Syrian Democratic forces in that regard called on all young men and women to attend those sides and join its ranks for their country Syria.

An important number of revolutionary military forces struggling in Syria and Rojava held October 15 a historical meeting. It was during this conference that those sides established their unity under the roof of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Also a joint command and control body and a military council were recognized to better join forces and coordinate between these revolutionary forces; at the same time calling on the International Anti-ISIS Coalition to support that unified national military force.

At the end of the meeting final declaration to found the Syrian Democratic Forces was quoted:

“Attended by commanders of many revolutionary military forces, the founder meeting for the Syrian Democratic Forces was organized October 12, 2015 in Rojava, Syria. In this meeting, the both political and military conditions in Syria yet throughout the region were thoroughly evaluated. Also accelerate advances that are happening in Syria were discussed as well as eventful threats that the country has gone through.

It was agreed during this extensive assembly that unity of those democratic forces fighting in the country is an essential step for the revolution in Syria, emphasizing on military forces’ unity so that the situation passes this extremely challenging times and moves toward peace.

The meeting drew attention to early experiences of revolutionary forces that benefited the revolution in Syria and Rojava, in addition, deformities that weakened some of those revolutionary forces were described. It was said that relying on external invasion was the main factor that revolution was strayed from its right path.

It was recognized as an important requirement that all Syrian elements and their forces were united to stay correct to one major goal, to build up a diverse and democratic Syria where freedom and honor of Syrian society would be secured and all people will meet their legitimate rights.

To support and defend all Syrian people against all foreign and domestic threats, the Syrian Democratic Forces will act upon legitimate defense, therefore the Syrian Democratic Forces is a national force in a future Syria.

It was pledged that the Syrian Democratic Forces will carry outinternational measures and treaties to defend civilian population. At the same time, the Syrian Democratic Forces asked all forces fighting in Syria to respect those guidelines.

In the meeting, the active support of the International Anti-ISIS Coalition was recognized, while inviting the Coalition to continue their aid for the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A military council has been initiated and joint commands also have been chosen to enhance the level of cooperation and coordination between member revolutionary forces.

At the end of the meeting, all sides that support a democratic revolution and young Syrian men and women were asked to join the Syrian Democratic Forces.”