Swiss MP to Erdoğan on Afrin: Who is the real terrorist?

Switzerland Socialist Party MP Carlo Sommaruga strongly criticized the Turkish state’s invasion of Afrin and asked Turkish President Erdoğan “Who is the real terrorist?”

The hunger strike launched in front of the United Nations office in Geneva on Monday demanding action for Afrin that is under the invasion of the Turkish state and affiliated gangs, has left four days behind.

The hunger strike launched by elected MPs and Co-mayors is also supported by Kurdistanis and allies. Former HDP Muş MP and HDK-Europe Spokesperson Demir Çelik, HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız, HDP Van MP Özdal Üçer, Cizre Co-mayor Leyla İmret, Karakoçan Co-mayor Burhan Kocaman, Suruç Co-mayor Orhan Şansal, Sur Co-mayor Fatma Şık Barut, London-Haringey Mayor Aligül Özbek, football player Deniz Naki, journalist Filiz Koçali and Feyzullah Tunç from the HDK are participating in the indefinite hunger strike.


Activists that continue with the hunger strike around the tent they set up at the square in front of the UN is having talks with UN officials during the day.

On Thursday, a group from hunger strikers held a meeting with officials from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and submitted files telling about what is happening in Afrin in detail. The group stressed that the silence of the UN in the face of happenings became unacceptable for the Kurds at the current stage.


Switzerland Socialist Party National Parliament MP Carlo Sommaruga paid a solidarity visit to the hunger strikers and highlighted solidarity with the Kurdish people, stressing that they will never accept the invasion of Afrin by the Turkish state.

Calling attention to the silence of Europe against the Turkish state and Turkish President Erdoğan, Sommaruga said this attitude of Europe is unacceptable. Recalling that Europe had taken a stand against Hitler, Sommaruga said; “Europe should act against Erdoğan dictatorship like they acted against Hitler fascism together back then.”


Putting emphasis on the democratic structure of Rojava, Sommaruga said the invasion of Afrin, the safest place in Syria during 7 years of war, can have no reasonable grounds. The Swiss MP strongly criticized Turkish President Erdoğan labelling PYD and YPG as terrorists, and said; “We ask Erdoğan, who is the real terrorist?”


Pointing out the importance of Kurdish people’s actions in Europe, Sommaruga continued; “We as politicians are with you. Even if states remain silent on what has been happening, you should gather the peoples of Switzerland and Europe to yourself. You should knock at their doors and ask for support for your struggle. The unity of peoples is important.”

Sommaruga ended his words with: “Long Live Kurdistan, Long Live Rojava, Long Live the Kurds”.