Support from South Kurdistan for campaign to delist the PKK

The campaign initiated by intellectuals from various countries for the removal of the PKK from the terror list has received worldwide support. In Sulaymaniyah, dozens of well-known personalities have called for participation in the campaign.

In Sulaymaniyah, dozens of well-known personalities from South Kurdistan declared their support for the international campaign of the initiative "Justice for Kurds" for the delisting of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The meeting in the South Kurdistan metropolis was attended by intellectuals, tribal representatives, politicians, activists and representatives of political parties and movements. The opening speech of the meeting organised by the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan" initiative was held by the Peshmerga commander Ferhad Sengawi. Other speeches were given on behalf of the respective organisations calling for participation in the campaign for the removal of the PKK from the EU and US terror lists.

The campaign, initiated by 29 intellectuals and a thousand initial signatories at the end of last year, is expected to last several months and aims to collect four million signatures worldwide. The signatures are to be sent to the Council of Europe and to the corresponding institutions responsible for the "terror list" in the US. They will also serve as a reference for members of national parliaments and put the issue on the agenda of country parliaments. The petition can be signed online. In addition, the campaign is being promoted on the streets worldwide.