Vigil in Shengal enters day 44

The vigil organised by residents in front of the Asayîşh Êzîdxanê building to protest the agreement between Hewler and Baghdad which threatens the dissolution of the region's self-governing structures entered day 44.

People gathered to join the vigil in front of the Asayîşh (Public Order Forces) Êzîdxanê building to defend the local security forces. The vigil entered day 44.

On 9 October 2020, Hewler signed an agreement with the Iraqi central government to reinstall its rule in the region. The agreement includes the closure of the region's self-defense and security forces.

People in Shengal said they won't accept this new attack against their structures. The Yazidi community was faced with genocide in August 2014 when the Islamic State attacked the region.

A wide variety of groups joins the vigil every day under the slogan “We are all the Asayîşh”. The vigil is very popular among the population.

So far the Iraqi government has not taken any practical steps against the security forces, but has not withdrawn the agreement to dissolve them.