Self-governance comes to life in Cizre-Botan

People of Cizre-Botan are determined to not recognize the AKP and govern themselves.

Peoples started to declare self-governance after the AKP’s decision to end the ceasefire and implement war policies. People of Şırnak’s Cizre district are working towards realizing this project and have banned soldiers from entering their neighborhoods.

After leading the first uprisings in North Kurdistan in the 1990s, Şırnak’s Cizre district launched a new uprising initiative and the City Assembly declared ‘self-governance’ in response to the AKP government’s war policies.

Young people dug trenches and keep watch at the barricades put up in Nur, Yafes, Cudi, Sur and Konak neighborhoods as well as 10 other areas. City Assembly Co-Presidents and opinion leaders have spoken to ANF regarding their initiative.


A Nur Neighborhood People’s Initiative Youth Branch member stated that they dug trenches and placed hundreds of young people across Cizre for self-defense purposes, and would not allow the attacks and oppression of the AKP government’s police officers. The youth branch member noted that the people of Cizre had no expectations from the AKP-led state, and were determined to keep the oppressive and denialist police and military forces from their living spaces in order to protect the future of their children. The member recalled that the AKP government aimed to destroy the will of Kurdish people despite Leader Apo’s sincere and prudent approach, and the people have decided to no longer see legitimacy in the AKP-led state until Leader Apo gains his freedom.


City Council Co-President Mehmet Tunç recalled that the model of self-governance was first introduced in Kurdistan in 2005, and the self-governance today was declared by the City Council that brings together the town’s people and non-governmental organizations. Tunç criticized the security forces’ recent violent and inhumane approach to civilians, and said that they would not work with these forces until infiltrators from organizations such as ISIS and the Gulen movement are completely cleared of police and military ranks.

City Council Co-President Tunç emphasized that their self-governance decision was being manipulated, and it was AKP, not the state, that they saw as illegitimate. Tunç added that they also did not recognize state institutions led by the AKP such as the governorship and the police force, and highlighted that the peoples of Cizre-Botan were determined to govern themselves, mobilize, and build their own economy and defense.

Tunç criticized the 200 years of oppression Kurdish people have endured at the hands of central powers, and said that Kurdish people no longer accepted the impositions of espionage or colonist policies. Tunç ended his statements by saying that they were determined to implement their decision of self-governance no matter what it may cost them, and the recent threats of Erdoğan would not prevent the construction of people’s bottom-up economy, politics, and system.