SDF liberates a village in Operation Cizire Storm

SDF fighters partaking in the Operation Cizire Storm to cleanse Deir ez-Zor countryside liberated the village of Cerse Şerqî where 42 ISIS members were killed.

The Operation Cizire Storm launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on September 9 to cleanse Deir ez-Zor countryside continues with further advances against ISIS.

SDF fighters have been conducting operations against ISIS gangs in the village of Cerse Şerqî, 21 km southeast of Meyadinê, during the past two days. The operations witnessed fierce clashes between ISIS gangs and SDF fighters.

The village was fully cleansed of ISIS after two days of operations and clashes. 42 ISIS members were killed, two motorbikes and one bomb-laden vehicle of theirs were destroyed in the village, while some ammunition and arms were also seized by SDF.

One SDF fighter fell a martyr during the clashes.