SDF liberates 4 more villages in Raqqa operation

4 more villages northwest and northeast of Raqqa have been liberated from ISIS occupation. Clashes continue east of the city.

The Operation Wrath of Euphrates continues in its fourth phase north of Raqqa.

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the village of al-Bedir 6 km east of Raqqa following two days of clashes with ISIS.

On the western front, SDF fighters liberated the villages of Andalus andd Mazlum last night following fierce clashes starting from early yesterday morning. Several ISIS members were killed during clashes.

SDF fighters started search and sweep efforts in the three villages where they seized 4 corpses, 4 kalashnikov rifles, 3 suicide vests and some ammunition. Fighters also defused several mines and closed ditches and tunnels of the ISIS.

SDF forces then moved on the village of Hamrat al-Xannam northeast of Raqqa and besieged it yesterday evening. The village has been cleared of ISIS following fierce clashes this morning, after which search and sweep efforts have been launched.

In the meantime, clashes have erupted in the nearby Hamrat village.