SDF fighters: The siege will end up with the liberation of Manbij

SDF fighters Şoreş Rojhat and Haki Kobanê stated that the siege of Manbij will end up with the liberation of the city.

The Operation Liberate Manbij, which was launched on June 1 and later renamed as “Operation Commander Martyr Faysal Abu Layla” after his fall, continues with success. The city of Manbij is now surrounded from four sides and combatants partaking in the operation have seized control over all the roads connecting the ISIS gangs here with the outside world.

A large territory has been cleared of gangs during the operation which is being joined by combatants from the Manbij Military Council and Syrian Democratic Forces that united in the western side of the city.

Şoreş Rojhat and Haki Kobanê who are also taking part in the military campaign for Manbij, spoke to ANF.

Şoreş Rojhat stated that the first phase of the operation has been completed successfully and a large territory has been liberated from ISIS within the scope of the operation that started from the west of the Euphrates.

"We are at the western edge of the Manbij city at the moment, and already united with comrades that began the operation from the Tishreen line. The city is under our control from four sides now and gangs are stranded in the city", said Rojhat, stressing that this operation was a source of hope for all the peoples of the Middle East.

Another SDF fighter Haki Kobanê reiterated their commitment to eliminate the ISIS atrocity on the Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Circassian residents of the Manbij city and all the peoples living in the Middle East.

"The fighters partaking in the operation are in good morale and they have advanced to the extend of besieging the city from four sides in a short time. We joined this operation in very good morale and spirit upon the calls of the Manbij people and the Manbij Military Council. We are ready to answer any other call for the liberation of these lands."