Sabri Ok: Our people should be on full alert until they get news from Öcalan

KCK Executive Council Member Sabri Ok spoke about the aggravated isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan insisting that “our people should be on full alert until they get news from Öcalan."

KCK Executive Council Member Sabri Ok made a statement concerning the reports that Kurdish leader Öcalan did not meet a delegation of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) during their visit to the İmralı prison. “Our people should be on full alert until they get news from Öcalan,” Ok said.

Ok pointed out that Öcalan has been held in the İmralı Prison for 24 years and no news has been received from him for the last 21 months. “Öcalan's lawyers have not heard from him for months. Prison administration impose arbitrary disciplinary penalties on Öcalan. They do not allow visiting him, citing disciplinary penalties. In this way, they deepen the isolation even more. As it is known, Öcalan is not an ordinary prisoner. The whole world knows who Öcalan is. He is the leader of the Kurdish people and the architect of the Democratic Modernity paradigm. His paradigm inspired the whole society and humanity, especially women. He assumes such a duty and responsibility in the 21st century. He fulfils his duty in an ideological, theoretical and philosophical way. 

Capitalist modernity, the forces involved in the international conspiracy and the Turkish state are disturbed by Öcalan’s influence. Hence, they clamp down on our leader in an inhuman way, violating all laws, including international law. The aggravated isolation is practiced not only by AKP-MHP fascism, but also by the forces involved in the international conspiracy, such as the USA, Europe and the Council of Europe. The CPT, the so-called anti-torture committee, has not fulfilled its duty since the very beginning of the isolation. The committee addresses the issue very politically, putting the legal aspect aside. In the past weeks, the CPT has visited the İmralı prison and announced that it had met with Öcalan and other prisoners Ömer Hayri Konar, Veysi Aktaş and Hamili Yıldırım. But the committee did not share any information about the content of the meeting and the health status of Öcalan. They just visited the prison. Later, Öcalan's lawyers asked the CPT about his health status. However, the CPT did not respond to the lawyers, did not even say whether it went to the İmralı prison or not. A different situation has thus emerged.

Why doesn't the CPT say whether they have met with Öcalan? Undoubtedly, Öcalan always shares his views and suggestions on the Kurdish issue, Turkey's democratization, Rojava, the Middle East and world problems. Yet, the Turkish state and international forces do not want his ideas and suggestions to have an influence on society. Because they know very well how important and effective his ideas and views are. What makes us anxious is about Öcalan's health. If the CPT confirms that it had seen Öcalan, the lawyers will ask his health and the CPT must answer. The CPT leaves all requests unanswered to avoid this. As the PKK and the Kurdish people, we attach great importance to this issue.


There are reports that the CPT went to the Imrali prison twice, but Öcalan did not show up to meet with the CPT during both visits. We have reasons to be anxious about this issue. We don't know exactly what happened. All we know is that there was a serious situation. It is an extraordinary situation. Authorities keep the current situation a secret from us and our people. Therefore, our people should know that what is happening is not normal and there is a serious situation. This is how we should evaluate the current situation. The AKP-MHP fascist regime and the international forces know very well what Öcalan’s health means to the Kurdish people. Öcalan is our existence, our history, our life and everything. This fact should be emphasized. Neither our comrades, nor the Kurdish people, nor the friends of the Kurdish people should be comfortable with the situation in the Imrali prison. No statement about Imrali and Öcalan puts us at ease.

We know that neither the Turkish state nor the conspiratorial forces want to share the truth with our people and our party. They conceal the truth. They are trying to gain time. We need to know what they're planning. But this is not a normal situation. Many institutions and individuals have responsibilities in this regard. The CPT is responsible, it must fulfil its duty as soon as possible, be honest, understand the approach of the Kurdish people, and reveal the facts to the public and the Kurdish people. The CPT is guilty of its indifference. The Council of Europe is also responsible. The Council of Europe addresses various issues, but acts irresponsibly when it comes to the existence, life and future of the Kurdish people. This approach is unacceptable. The Council of Europe must also play its role and put an end to this dangerous situation. Furthermore, the USA and all international powers are responsible for this situation. The Kurdish people and the PKK are well aware of it. Until this issue is resolved, our people, movement and friends will undoubtedly remain standing.

Öcalan's physical freedom must be secured as soon as possible. In any case, laws do not work in favour of the Kurdish people. After a 50-years-long struggle, with the efforts of Öcalan and the people, the Kurds are now able to shape not only their own future, but also the future of the entire Middle East. After all this effort and struggle, Öcalan should be released. Until he regains his freedom, our struggle will continue to grow. Our people should know that the current situation is extraordinary, and a struggle should be waged accordingly.


The situation of Öcalan becomes clear through a struggle with the serhildans (Kurdish uprisings). The Kurds should mobilize, focusing on political, diplomatic means and domestic and international law. Our people should remain on the streets every day until they hear from Öcalan. Our goal is undoubtedly his physical freedom. The Turkish state has a bad reputation. In 2006 and 2007, it attempted to poison him in prison. This was real. The Turkish state is using immoral methods whose outcomes are revealed years later. Currently, the Turkish state is using chemical weapons each day against the guerrilla troops in the Medya Defence Areas. Images of prohibited weapons have also been published. Poisonous weapons are also used against the guerrilla troops.

The enemy is escalating its attacks against the Kurdish people. However, we will fight in an organized and determined way in the footsteps of Öcalan. Therefore, we define the current process as a matter of life and death. This situation has become even more relevant after the new developments about Öcalan’s condition. International institutions, especially the CPT and the Council of Europe, should clarify Öcalan's situation. This is their duty. If they do not fulfil their duty, they will once again become partners to this crime. Also, we call on our people, especially the Kurdish youth, the Kurdish women and our friends to lead this process. They should not accept the current situation and should remain active until they get news from Öcalan.

Moreover, lawyers must visit Öcalan. They should meet him in person in prison. Otherwise, our movement and people will not be at ease. There is already a suspicious situation. His family can also go to the Imrali prison. They have the legal right to meet him. There are no legal obstacles, but the Turkish authorities prohibit visits on purpose. These obstacles can be removed through a struggle. At the end of this struggle, both family and lawyers can visit him. If the Turkish state blocks meetings with Öcalan, it means that they commit a crime. If something like this happens, we have the right to retaliate against Turkey.”