RojNews reporter massacred in Duhok

RojNews reporter Vedat Hüseyin Ali, who has been residing in South Kurdistan and was kidnapped this morning, was murdered today. RojNews held the KDP responsible for the murder.

The body of Vedat Hüseyin Ali, who had been kidnapped in Duhok’s Malta neighborhood this morning, was found in the district of Sêmêlê. According to RojNews, Hüseyin Ali’s body was found on the Sêmêlê road today around 12:30. Vedat Hüseyin Ali had begun working for Roj News recently.


RojNews issued a written statement on the murder and stated that marks of torture covered Vedat Hüseyin Ali’s body, and added that these marks suggest that Ali may have been killed by torture as opposed to a gunshot. RojNews emphasized that Vedat Hüseyin Ali had been detained by the KDP’s intelligence agency ‘Parastın’ many times, and was forced to be an agent for the KDP. RojNews stated that Hüseyin Ali was threatened several times because of his refusal to be a KDP agent, and demanded an immediate investigation into the event while reminding that the murder took place in an area under KDP jurisdiction.