Residents in liberated areas of Raqqa: Now we can live free

Raqqa residents freed in the operation to liberate Raqqa launched by Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters talked about ISIS gangs’ practices to ANF.

Raqqa residents whose lands have been cleared of ISIS gangs in the liberation movement by the Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters state that they are very joyous that the gangs are gone.

Raqqa villagers said that the ISIS gangs used them as human shields and fled the village with this method. They stated that the people of the region under ISIS invasion since 2014 were subjected to pressure, cruelty and pillaging.

The residents underlined that the ISIS gangs forced their own so-called Islamic laws upon the people with pressure and torture since the invasion.

Raqqa villagers stated that special practices targeting women were implemented, that ISIS gangs attempted to marry young women and girls (as young as 9) off to gang members by force. Some were in fact married and taken to Raqqa city center.

The locals also mentioned that ISIS shut down the existing schools in the villages after the invasion. The gangs taught the children so-called Sharia and Jihad classes, so the children would be ready to be used in future actions.

The villagers said ISIS pillaged everything, so they had vital needs, and that the Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters had been a great help.

The villagers thanked all forces in the Wrath of Euphrates Action Room for liberating their village and stated that from now on, they would live free in their own lands.