PUK MP: Birakujî will bring destruction for Kurds

“Those who are forcing a civil war in Shengal should know that such a war will bring destruction for the Kurds,” said PUK Iraq MP Osman and called for a solution through dialogue to problems among Kurds.

PUK Iraq MP Muhammed Haci Osman spoke to ANF on Nechirvan Barzani’s comments “We might resort to the use force if necessary to remove PKK from Shengal”.

Osman said: “Such a war would only serve the colonialists in Kurdistan and the enemies of Kurds.”

Osman said the guerrilla and the peshmerga fought together in a kilometers-long common front against the attacks ISIS carried out in 2014 and that fight created great wins for Kurds. He added: “Mr. Masoud Barzani then visited Makhmur and congratulated the guerrilla. So, why is it that such threats emerge now? These are very dangerous things.”


Osman stressed that the problems between KDP and PKK in Shengal can’t be resolved through analyses made on TV or threatening comments to the press, stated that the correct way is dialogue. He continued: “The comments and accusations made in this manner don’t solve the issues, on the contrary, they create a more inextricable situation. The correct resolution to the problem is for the Kurdish parties to come together and talk, discuss and find common ground among themselves.”

Osman said the Kurds took painful lessons from Birakujî (civil war in Kurdish) and shouldn’t go down that path again, stressing that the occupying powers would be the ones to benefit from such a war.

PUK Iraq MP Muhammed Haci Osman said: “A new Birakujî emerging among Kurds will bring destruction. The Kurds have experienced many such Birakujî cases, they have a painful experience. They shouldn’t be allowing such a thing again. Such a war among Kurds will definitely benefit the occupying, colonialist powers and the enemies of Kurds who want to prevent Kurds from achieving freedom.”