PUK leader: Parliamentary elections will be held on 10 June as scheduled

PUK leader Bafil Talabani announced that the Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections will be held on 10 June as scheduled.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leader Bafil Talabani said that the parliamentary elections will not be postponed once again.

Talabani announced in his statement on Wednesday that the elections will be held on the set date (10 June 2024).

The KDP tried to prevent the parliamentary elections from being held, but the Iraqi Independent High Election Commission officials insisted that the elections would be held on 10 June.

In February 2024, the Iraqi Federal Court ruled that the quota number of seats in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament was unconstitutional, and that South Kurdistan should be divided into four constituencies. With the new decision, the number of seats in the regional parliament was reduced from 111 to 100. The court also stated that oil and all other revenues of the Kurdistan Region should be handed over to Baghdad.