Political activist: KDP aims to cast me out of Hewlêr

Hawrê Kurdî, a political activist detained several times and exposed to political attacks because of his opposition to Turkish State’s occupation in Southern Kurdistan told; “KDP security forces aim to cast me out of Hewlêr.”

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has arrested a number of journalists, political activists and teachers without any justification for a long while. One of those activists is Hawre Kurdi who was repeatedly detained by KDP security forces and finally exposed to a physical attack. Hawre Kurdî wrote on Facebook that his power service was cut off without justification: “Electricity of my home has been cut off by security forces for 8 days. In Ramadan month, without electricity, we have to live in the dark. In Hewlêr, only I cannot get power service!”

Kurdî who was physically attacked by unidentified people told that he had to leave his home and move to another neighbourhood. However, dealing with subsequent attacks and pressure, Kurdî expressed that KDP aims to cast him out of Hewlêr. Kurdi who applied to Hewlêr court for power outage problem through the Deputy Şayan Eskerî told that he submitted a formal petition to security forces in order to solve the electricity problem but he could not get any response even 5 days later.


The activist, punished due to a poem he wrote against occupiers, was detained several times and exposed to attacks. Kurdi was targeted by an unidentified knife attacker on 27th June 2017. Afterwards, on 20th June 2020, he was arrested by KDP security forces. Finally, on 19th January 2021, he got grievously injured in the result of unidentified people’s physical attack.

In the regions administrated by KDP like Duhok, Hewlêr and Behdinan, hundreds of people, especially political activists, journalists and teachers have been detained and jailed in recent years for rejecting Turkish State’s invasion of the region and opposing to bribery and corruption in administration.