PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families calls for murderers to be found and tried

The PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families organized a demonstration for Yasin Bulut (Şukri Serhed) who was assassinated in Sulaymaniyah in mid-September. The committee urged the authorities to probe into the case and reveal the murderers.

Yasin Bulut, a member of the PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families, was assassinated on September 17 in the Çarçıra neighbourhood of Sulaymaniyah in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Although 23 days have passed since the assassination, the murderers have not been found yet amidst enduring silence concerning the documents which the authorities promised to reveal.

The PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families organized a demonstration in Sulaymaniyah in the Çarçira neighbourhood where the assassination took place.


Armanc Hemereş, a member of the Committee, said they knew that the murderers were in Hewler.

“Authorities announced that there were multiple documents and video footage from the scene of Şükrü Serhed’s murder, and they would release them. We call on the authorities once again to release the documents and footage, shed light on the incident and reveal the murderers,” Hemereş said.

“We will protest here every week until the murderers of Şükrü Serhed are found. We will demand that the murderers be found and prosecuted,” Hemereş added.

“We will continue our demonstration until we achieve our goal. We invite everyone to participate in the actions we will organize every week.”