PJAK: We are prepared for any development

The co-chair of the PJAK, Siamand Moini, said that his movement is capable of being a force for solution in Iran and East Kurdistan and added that "no dictatorship, no occupation is forever."

The co-chair of the East Kurdistan Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK), Siamand Moini, spoke to Şarpress about the perspectives of the liberation struggle in East Kurdistan and Iran. “Our defense forces, our social organization and our guerrillas are getting stronger every day. – he said - PJAK is doing all its preparations, work and organization for the future of East Kurdistan and Iran."

Moini added that PJAK is the only force with the potential and a plan to resolve all issues in the region. “No dictatorship, no occupation is forever. We are committed to dialogue. That is our priority. But a dialogue only brings results if it is developed on an honest and realistic basis, otherwise no solution will be achieved. We advocate autonomous self-government within the framework of democratic confederalism."

"The KDP is preventing a strong front in East Kurdistan"

Moini saw internal Kurdish obstacles to a solution and points in particular to the negative role played by the South Kurdish party KDP. "Every liberal and honest person knows that the KDP is on the side of the Turkish state. Our project is also widespread among the other peoples of Iran. To some extent, it has been put into practice, but the process is not yet complete."

"Iran has no solution project"

Regarding the social protests in Iran, the PJAK co-chair said: "We stand with the forces opposing the dictators. So far, the Iranian state has not had a project to solve the problems of the peoples of Iran. Iran supports the split of forces in East Kurdistan. It wants to break these forces. Wherever there is a free Kurd, Iran and Turkey attack jointly with the secret service and from the air. This happens with the help of the collaboration of some forces. Because of this collaboration, some of our friends have died in airstrikes. If there were no agents and collaborators, the airstrikes would not have been successful."

Moini points out that Iran is trying to smash every Kurdish structure and explains: "The goal of PJAK is the liberation of the people. Despite all the obstacles, we keep fighting. Wherever there is an attack against us, we will defend ourselves. We have advanced in the military, politics and diplomatic fields and have broad experience. We fight for freedom and believe we will succeed."