PJAK delegation visits Hizba Demokrata Kurdistanê administrators

PJAK Co-president Siyamend Muhenî and a delegation accompanying him visited Hizba Demokrata Kurdistanê administrators in Koyê yesterday.

The Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê or PJAK) Co-president Siyamend Muhenî and a delegation accompanying him visited the Hizba Demokrata Kurdistanê-KDP headquarter in Koyê yesterday. KDP officials including Secretary-General Mustafa Mewludî welcomed the PJAK delegation.

Speaking here, PJAK Co-president Siyamend Muhenî emphasized the the crisis and problems in the Middle East and the need for unity and solidarity across Kurdistan. Muhenî drew attention to the need for joint struggle in order to hold the Kurdistan national congress, and called upon everyone to fulfill their duty in the current historic process.

KDP Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Mewludî criticized that individual and party interests are being prioritized more than the unity and interests of Kurdish people, and noted that PJAK has a wide range of actions and networks across East Kurdistan.

The two sides also discussed the relations between the two parties and the struggle against occupant forces in Kurdistan during the visit.