PJAK and KODAR commemorate commander Rebanî martyred in Turkish attack

The PJAK and KODAR organisations in Eastern Kurdistan describe the death of Yusîf Rebanî as a heavy loss. The PJAK commander was fatally injured in a Turkish drone attack in Qamishlo on Sunday.

The PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan / Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê) and the Movement for Democracy and Freedom (Komelgeya Demokratîk û Azad a Rojhilatê Kurdistan, KODAR) released a statement on the death of Yusîf Rebanî (Nom de Guerre: Rêzan Cavid) in Qamishlo. The organisations active in Eastern Kurdistan describe his death as a great loss for the entire Kurdish people and express their condolences to Yusîf Rebanî's family and fellow fighters.

Yusîf Rebanî was from Mahabad in East Kurdistan and joined the Kurdish liberation movement in 2003. He participated in the founding congress of PJAK in 2004 and worked in the media sector for a long time. In 2014, he was elected co-chair of KODAR. "He has led a great struggle to advance the revolution of our people," the statement read. Above all, it said, he worked for unity among the Kurdish people. To this end, he was staying in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, where he was fatally injured in a Turkish drone attack in Qamishlo on 6 August. "This attack shows that the enemies of our people have joined hands to prevent the revolution. However, our struggle continues," said the PJAK and KODAR statement.