Petition to remove Turkish bases submitted to the KRG

The signatures gathered to demand the removal of the Turkish state from Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan have been submitted to the government. There are over 10.000 signatures.

The organization Enough/Êdî Besê has gathered 10.000 signatures in 16 days to remove the Turkish state’s military bases from Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan. The signatures have been submitted to the Kurdistan Regional Government.


Enough’s lawyer Beşdar Hesen stated that they are giving the government until March 16 to respond: “There is already a parliament resolution on this issue. There should be no MİT (Turkish intelligence service) or Turkish military bases left in Bashurê Kurdistan.”

Lawyer Hesen said in case the government does not respond to them in time, the signatures will be submitted to the Iraqi Cabinet and the Iraqi Parliament.

The petition had been launched on February 3 and concluded on February 17.