People of Maxmur enter 14th day of resistance

The people of Maxmur have been resisting for 14 days against the siege attempts carried out by the Iraqi army.

The Iraqi army has been trying to surround Maxmur refugee camp with fences and towers since 20 May.

The people of Maxmur have been responding to the siege attempt with a resistance vigil day and night for 14 days.

Over the past two weeks, the Iraqi army has repeatedly tried to carry out the siege by digging trenches around the camp and attempting to enter it. However, each time it encountered the determined resistance of the people of the camp.

The people of Maxmur said that they have been living under the KDP's embargo for years and they will not allow the camp to be turned into a prison.

The people of Maxmur want the implementation of international refugee law, and called on the Iraqi government not to give in to the pressures of the Turkish state.

Many meetings were held between the camp representatives and Iraq. The United Nations also came to the camp for the first time in years and held talks. However, the promises made to the people of the camp that the siege would stop have not been kept until now.