People in Shengal mobilise against KDP's possible arrival

The KDP's attempt to enter Shengal with its armed forces led to an extraordinary situation. The people of Shengal began to flock to the Public Security points and the People's Assemblies.

The KDP tried to bring its armed forces into Shengal on 2 October, saying that it was because of the upcoming Iraqi elections.

It is stated that the KDP move in reality was an attempt to implement the Shengal agreement between Baghdad and Hewler on 9 October 2020.

Shengal officials say that the KDP wants to move to the city center and establish a base there.

The Autonomous Administration said that the KDP has made a large military build-up in a region close to Shengal and is preparing to enter the city.

Information and images from Shengal show that there is an extraordinary situation.

The Autonomous Administration and the women's movement TAJÊ also appealed to the people on the night of 3 October, asking them to counter the plans of the KDP.

Thereupon, this morning, the people of Shengal began to flock to the public assemblies and public security points.

There is intense activity at the entrances and exits of the city. It was seen that the people were on alert at the checkpoints.

Ali Hamed, one of the Shengal people who gathered in Sinun, said that they will take action until the KDP gives up on its Shengal ambitions, and added: "We will stand up to them. We will not accept treason."

Young Saar from Xanesor said: "No matter when they come, no matter what time they come, we will cut off their path, we will not allow betrayers to step into Shengal."

A young woman, on the other hand, stated that there is an organization based on free thought in Shengal and emphasized that "No one can finish us off".