PDKS members: Turkey-KDP relations aim for Kurdish genocide

PDKS members said that the KDP's support to the Turkish army's attacks against the guerrilla is a betrayal to all Kurds and warned the KDP, saying; “Destruction of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement means destruction of the Kurdistan region”.

The invading Turkish army has been carrying out invasion attacks on Avaşin, Metîna and Zap regions of Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan (Bashur) since April 23.

By deploying its forces to the region, the KDP became a partner to the Turkish attacks against the guerrilla. The Kurdish people consider the practices of the KDP as a betrayal against the Kurds.

Remzi Şêxmus, a member of the PDKS (Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria) Central Committee, stated that the Turkish state has been fighting against the Kurdish people since the day it was founded and seeks to eliminate the Kurds.

Speaking to ANHA, Şêxmus urged the KDP to stop betrayal against the Kurds. “If the Turkish state invades the Rojava regions or destroys the PKK, this will lead to the invasion of Kurdistan. Therefore, the KDP should take into account the interests of the people and stop cooperating with the Turkish state,” he said.

Şêxmus emphasized that Kurdish parties in Rojava should form an alliance and draw a line between those who think about their own interests and those who think about the interests of the Kurdish people in order to avoid a civil war. He remarked that the KDP's cooperation with the Turkish state serves the Turkish state, not Kurdish unity.


Another PDKS member, Mistefa Horo also called the KDP's war against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement guerrillas with the Turkish state a betrayal.

“The KDP's attacks against the guerrilla are no different from the Turkish state's attacks against the Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan, specifically in Northern and Eastern Syria. Bashur has been turned into a city of Turkey by the Barzani family. The Turkish state has entered the Bashur territory and established military bases there. The Iraqi government and the regional government remain silent against this invasion. The aim of the KDP's relations with the Turkish state is to massacre the Kurds and eliminate Kurdish unity because Kurdish unity will put an end to the Turkish state's occupation of Kurdish lands,” he said.

Horo urged the Kurdish parties to form an alliance to stand against their enemies.