PAJK calls for historic stance against occupation

The PAJK compares the current situation in South Kurdistan with a "freedom referendum" in which the Kurdish people must position themselves against occupation, colonialism and collaboration.

The coordination of the Free Women's Party of Kurdistan (Partiya Azadiya Jin a Kurdistanê, PAJK) has released a statement on the escalated situation in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where the Turkish army has been conducting an occupation operation since April 23.

The statement released by PAJK Coordination on Sunday pointed out the following: "The Turkish colonial state has been burning and destroying Kurdistan for a century. While it is now facing a historic defeat and the liberation of Kurdistan is in sight, the KDP has joined forces with the enemy of the Kurds and is pursuing an aggressive policy with its military deployment. This is a betrayal of the Kurdish people. The KDP is trying to create facts under various pretexts and provoke a confrontation between its peshmerga and the guerrillas. In doing so, it is playing with fire and making itself a lifeline for the fascist Turkish army, which is having difficulty holding its own against the Kurdish guerrilla. The KDP must immediately distance itself from this unfortunate role."

PAJK called it the responsibility of all Kurds and especially all political parties of Kurdistan to stand behind the resistance of the guerrilla against the Turkish occupation: "It is the task of all Kurdish people to form a unity and fight against this enemy that wants to subjugate our people in a colonialist way, commits massacres, wants to force them into unknown exile, takes away their land, lets them rot in prisons and kills them with chemical warfare agents and bombings. Only the people themselves can stop the dangerous actions of the KDP. We salute the mothers in white headscarves who are raising their voices in the south, west and north of Kurdistan as well as in Europe. Women are persistently fighting for freedom, providing an answer to the occupiers and patriarchal mentality."

"Our identity and freedom are the red line"

The statement continued, “For the Kurds, their own country, their dignity, identity and freedom are a red line, the PAJK said and continued: “The KDP allows itself to be instrumentalized by the Turkish state, against which resistance must be waged everywhere in Kurdistan as well as abroad. The women and youth of Kurdistan, as the leaders of society, have the potential to defeat the occupiers and to prevent a possible civil war. 

The current situation is like a "freedom referendum" in which the Kurdish people must position themselves against occupation, colonialism and collaboration. Massacres have been committed in all parts of Kurdistan, yet the people have not bowed down. Our people in Rojava and Shengal defeated IS, which was a nightmare of humanity. The people of Maxmur have always shown a dignified attitude. The Kurds abroad, who are wanted to be deprived of any power through their refugee status, have kept their love for the country and have fulfilled the tasks arising from it. Kurdish women have participated in the forefront of this incomparable struggle and have paid a price. The Kurdish people have learned from their ancient and tragic history and have sufficient experience and awareness in the 21st century to determine their own destiny. It has an invincible leadership on the line of Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]."

Accountability will be demanded for any action that harms the interests of the Kurdish people, serves the enemy and weakens the Kurds from within, the PAJK coordination said, calling for a national stance and saying, "We will increase self-defense against occupation and the social struggle, winning the fight for our existence and freedom."