PADÊ member Hecî says Yazidi people should not put their hopes on the Iraqi government

PADÊ Politburo Member Hesen Hecî said that the Yazidi people should not put their hopes on the Iraqi state and added: "Some parties do not want peace in the region. We are not supporters of war. We will not allow peace to be disrupted in Shengal."

PADÊ (Partiya Azadî û Demokratyê ya Êzidiyan / Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party) Politburo member Hesen Heci, referring to the tensions and conflicts with the Iraqi government in the recent period, said that Iraq is weak and cannot protect the Iraqi people.

Emphasizing that too many foreign countries have a hand in Iraq, Hecî said: "There are too many forces in Iraq. They decide, Iraq implements the decision. The Iraqi government has no say. That's why there were massacres in Shengal in 2003 and 2014. We tried to make our voices heard all over Iraq many times. We also made a call to the UN and human rights organizations. These institutions still haven't made a proper visit to Shengal. "The Yazidi people are not on Iraq's agenda. The government does not consider itself responsible for what kind of solution it will find for the Yazidi people."

Drawing attention to the international plans and games of Turkey, Iraq and domestic forces against Shengal, Heci said: "We see Shengal on the agenda with international projects and plans. Many plans are being carried out on Shengal. However, the reason for all this is unsuccessful Iraqi politics. Today, if Iraq does not protect the people and lands, how can it be trusted by the people of Shengal? It has been 8 years, but the traces of the massacre are still in Shengal. Neither the United Nations nor human rights organizations have fulfilled their responsibilities. They all work for their own interests and the interests of their organizations. Not only the Yazidis, but also the Turkmen, the Shabak and the Christians living in Iraq have their rights violated."

Massacre plans still going on

Emphasizing that the people of Shengal should strongly demand their rights, Hecî said: "There is no new government that will work for the people, especially for the Yazidis. If we do not demand our rights, nobody will. The Shengal Massacre was an international conspiracy. Iraqi and internal forces also supported this massacre. Everyone should be held accountable for this in an international court. The plans for the massacre against Shengal still continue.

Yazidis have lived here for thousands of years. The policies developed for Shengal today are to weaken the Yazidi people. The enemy does not allow Shengal to get stronger and to form social, military and political unity. Here we are also lacking. They draw strength from the weakness of the Yazidi people. We must not fall for the tricks of the enemy. We must fight harder to thwart the plans and dirty politics of the enemy. Today, they all want Shengal.

Dirty plans for Shengal have been going on for 8 years. Everyone is doing politics over the Yazidi people. We will rule our people through our politics. We will work for our people. All the officials in Iraq today work for their religion, interests and tribes. People don't care. But if the community is united, it becomes stronger and we can achieve something. If the decisions and demands of society are the same, then they can strongly demand and take their rights."

All we want is to live together in peace

Reminding that the US, Turkey and Arab states are making plans for Shengal within the framework of their own interests, Heci said that "the people of Shengal are victims of the policies and plans of these forces. The people of Shengal pay the price of these plans. We must be careful against the tricks of the enemy. All we want is to live in Shengal with our existence and faith. We have never asked for a state. We want peace, we want to live together with all peoples."

Noting that some people speak as if they were the representatives of the Yazidi people on television and in the media, Hecî said that "some people are making statements that harm Shengal and the region through the press. They want to create chaos in Shengal. But they are not the representative of Shengal and the Yazidi people. Only those who serve the people can represent the Yazidis. You serve others and cause strife among people. This is unacceptable. They have made Shengal a military field today. Some parties do not want peace in the region. We are not supporters of war. We will not allow peace to be disrupted in Shengal."