Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration formed

The Syrian Democratic Council has formed an autonomous administration for the north and east of Syria.


The decision for an autonomous administration was taken during the July 16 meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD).

With the meeting held today in Ayn Isa, the MSD has implemented the decision for an autonomous administration.

Siham Qiryo and Ferit Ette were elected co-chairs of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Council.

MSD Co-chair Emine Umer, Northern Syrian civilian assemblies and prominent figures from clans attended the meeting in Ayn Isa.

Emine Umer gave a speech in the meeting and said, “The MSD had suggested the formation of a Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration in its third conference. The purpose of the project was to form an administration to coordinate the autonomous administrations in the region, to fill the void in administration and security and to act in accordance with the administrative systems formed previously in Eastern and Northern Syria.”

Umer added: “These administrations have achieved stability in the region and met the needs in services. They were able to defend the regions against terrorist attacks.”

Umer said the MSD has been working to form civilian administrations and assemblies in the liberated areas, and that the regions “help each other despite the long distance in between, and stand against terrorism together.”

Umer pointed out that there have been some shortcomings due to the differences in the time these administrations were formed and their conditions, and added that the shortcomings in services have affected the people negatively.

Umer stressed that there is a need for a system to coordinate the regional administrations so shortcomings can be overcome and a balance is struck among regions.

Umer added that the MSD decided to form the Northern and Eastern Syria joint administration after discussions with the autonomous administrations and civilian assemblies.

Umer said they prepared a 70-person list for the council members which is made up of members of autonomous administrations and civilian councils, and has been approved by the Legislative Assemblies: “On this basis, as the MSD we declare this meeting to be the first meeting of the Northern and Eastern Syria Democratic Autonomous Administration Council.”