Newroz fire lit in Beytüşşebap: "The time of victory has come"

This year's celebrations of the resistance and New Year festival Newroz have started in Northern Kurdistan. "The time of victory, the time of freedom for Abdullah Öcalan has come,” said DTK co-chair Berdan Öztürk.

The Newroz celebrations in Northern Kurdistan began this year in the district of Beytüşşebap in Şirnak province. The celebrations, organized by the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), the Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK), the Free Women's Movement (TJA) and the Alliance for Kurdistan led by the HDP and DBP parties, are taking place under the slogan "Now is the time for success" (ku. Dem dema serkeftinê ye, tr. Şimdi kazanma zamanı). The celebration in the war-torn state of emergency region is attended by DTK Co-chair Berdan Öztürk, DBP Co-chairs Saliha Aydeniz and Keskin Bayındır, HDP Spokesperson Ebru Günay and other deputies, in addition to many people who have traveled from the provinces of Hakkari, Mardin, Siirt and Batman.  Countless people gathered in front of the HDP district association building and marched to the festival square under the slogan "Bijî Newroz".

"A fire in the heart of Kurdistan"

There, HDP spokeswoman Ebru Günay gave a speech and said, "We light the Newroz fire in the heart of Kurdistan. Kurds are building Newroz fires everywhere. Today we light the first fire at the foot of Mount Kato. From here we congratulate all the peoples of the Middle East on the Kurdish spring festival, Newroz. This year is the year of victory. This Newroz is the Newroz of victory. This is what the Kurdish people will show. In the spirit of resistance, we once again congratulate everyone on the Newroz festival.

"It is the states that incite the peoples against each other"

In all four parts of Kurdistan, the resistance of the Kurdish people is growing in the spirit of national unity. Our attitude towards those who try to divide us is the attitude of Newroz. We say to all political forces: do not miscalculate. The Kurdish people want unity and peace, they want freedom. It is the states that do not want the unity and freedom of the Kurdish people and are inciting the peoples against each other.

"We do not need your polarizing politics"

The AKP/MHP government bases its fascism on hostility towards Kurds and denial of their existence. On the other hand, there is a group that calls itself the opposition but has itself based its power on the denial policy in the past. We don't need your polarizing politics. We will take the third path. Whatever the price will be, we will bring democracy and peace to this country to guarantee the freedom of the Kurdish people."

"The solution lies with Abdullah Öcalan"

Günay further stated, "Denial and disregard will not bring a solution. The solution lies with Mr. Öcalan on Imrali. Those who want to promise democracy to the Kurdish people who want peace should look at Abdullah Öcalan's Newroz message of 2013. They should listen to Mr. Öcalan's perspective and sit at the table with him. That is how they can bring democracy. The solution lies with Mr. Öcalan and in the common struggle of the peoples. Let us stand up together for the Newroz dance and fight together."

Aydeniz: "Day of unity"

The co-chair of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Saliha Aydeniz, said: "The people of Botan have always paid a high price. The fire that is lit here today will turn fascism, darkness and prohibitions into light. The fire that is lit here will bring freedom, it will bring a dignified peace. Despite all the prohibitions, Kurds are coming together. Today is the day of unity. Today we light this fire of unity. We light the fire of freedom with the resistance of the people of Botan."

"50 Years of Resistance"

Aydeniz continued, "From March 8 to 21, we will be in the squares every day in the spirit of Newroz. From Botan, we congratulate the entire Kurdish people on Newroz. Today there is resistance in every area, in every square. We salute those who resist for freedom and wish a happy Newroz. Their resistance has carried this struggle into the present. There has been relentless resistance for 50 years. Kurds have been resisting in four parts of Kurdistan for 50 years. 2022 will be the year of freedom for Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. As Kurds, we are fighting for the future of the Middle East. At the same time, we are fighting for democracy in the Middle East and in Turkey. As long as the Kurds are not liberated and cannot live with their own language and culture, there can be no talk of democracy and freedom in the Middle East."

"Isolation has spread to every cell"

The DBP co-chair concluded her speech by saying, "Isolation now affects every aspect of life. It started on Imrali and has spread everywhere in Kurdistan and Turkey. The AKP/MHP rule has reached its end point. The only solution is Mr. Öcalan. Until Abdullah Öcalan is freed, we will intensify the struggle in the squares and streets. The freedom of women and the Kurdish people as well as the democratization of Turkey will be guaranteed by the freedom of Mr. Öcalan. We will make Newroz 2022 the year of freedom for the Kurdish people and Mr. Öcalan." 

DTK co-chair Berdan Öztürk said in a speech: "Newroz is the Kurdish people's resistance against colonialism. It is the uprising against occupation. The people of Botan know this best. Botan has always resisted and will continue to do so. The people of Botan are leading the dance to freedom. They have led the resistance at all times. The despots of today should look to history. There is no place for them because there is the resistance of the Kawas. The resistance of the Kawas against the Dehaks is growing. This is happening through the resistance of Mr. Öcalan in Imrali. Mr. Öcalan has been continuing this resistance for more than 23 years. He is fighting for our freedom, for the peoples of the Middle East and for a dignified peace. Our people will send a clear signal to the government in the Newroz squares and let the world hear their voice. It is time to win."

After the speeches, activists from the Peace Mothers initiative lit the fire. Hundreds danced and shouted "Long live Newroz" and "Long live Newroz resistance."