New agreement between YPG and Russia

YPG announced an agreement on the building of a military base by Russia in Efrîn. Accordingly, the Russian army will train YPG fighters on modern techniques of battle.

Rojava's YPG (People's Defense Units) Spokesperson Rêdûr Xelîl made the following statement regarding a newly made military agreement with Russia:

"The presence of Russian troops in Cindirês district of the Efrîn Canton is taking place in line with an agreement made by our forces and the Russian army. In line with the agreement in question, the Russian army will offer military training to our fighters on the basis of fight against terror. We have direct relations with Russia and Russian troops will provide contribution to the training of our forces on modern techniques and methods of battle.

This is a positive step taken in the scope of fight against terror in Syria. After our forces proved themselves in the battle against terror, many forces want to assist our units and cooperate with us."