Naples Municipality awards Öcalan with ‘honorary citizenship’

Naples Municipality in Italy held an award ceremony in honor of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan on the anniversary of the February 15 conspiracy.

Naples Municipality awarded Öcalan with ‘honorary citizenship’ during an official ceremony and press release in front of the municipality building. Mayor Luigi de Magistris, municipal board members, solidarity committee members, Öcalan’s lawyer Carmine Malinconico, HDP Parliamentarian Dilek Öcalan and Kurdistan Information Bureau representatives attended the ceremony that drew media attention. Officials announced that they awarded Öcalan as a response to the February 15 1999 conspiracy, which enters its 18th year in 2016. Participants of the ceremony also saluted the struggles of Öcalan and Kurdish people.

HDP parliamentarian Dilek Öcalan received Öcalan’s honorary citizenship award during the ceremony where municipal officials condemned the isolation of Öcalan. Officials highlighted that any peace not involving Öcalan would only be temporary, and condemned the Turkish state massacres in North Kurdistan. Naples mayor de Magistris saluted the people putting up a resistance in Kurdistan, and said that Naples is a town of peace that also fought against fascism.

Municipal board members, union members, lawyers, activists and the allies of Kurdish people attended a concert after the award ceremony, where six music bands performed to an audience of 500 people in Politeama theater hall.

Renowned cartoonist Zero Calcare drew a caricature on the resistance of Cızîr and İmralı during the concert, where photos from Cızîr and Kobanê were projected onto a screen throughout the night.