More than 90 arrested in Eastern Kurdistan in two weeks

Kurdistan Human Rights Association reported that more than 90 people were arrested in Eastern Kurdistan in the last two weeks.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) stated that with the arrest of 4 environmentalists, the number of those arrested in the last two weeks increased to 92.

According to KMMK, Iran's ideological army, Revolutionary Guards and intelligence forces carry out operations against human rights activists, environmentalists and civil activists in Eastern Kurdistan.

KMMK said that these operations were violent and took place without even legal permissions, adding, “where they are held is not known” based on their families’ statements.

KMMK said, "The violence committed by the intelligence services and the confidentiality of the prisoners' whereabouts have caused serious concerns about their health and safety."

According to KMMK, which states that some families can make phone calls with their children, even if it is short, and Kurdish is not allowed, 13 people were detained in Mahabad, 24 in Bokan, 10 in Naghada, 8 in Piranshar, 9 in Marivan, 7 in Sena, 5 in Kermanshah, 6 in Sarv Abad-Hewraman, 3 in Rabat, 4 in Saqiz and 1 person in Ilam.