MLKP: Let's light the Newroz fire in all areas!

Celebrating this year’s Newroz, MLKP Kurdistan Organization raised concern over the ongoing genocidal and colonial attacks and called for the lighting of the Newroz fire more intensely in all areas.

The Marxist–Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) Kurdistan Organization released a written statement regarding the upcoming Newroz festival on March 21.

“The Newroz fire built by Kaveh the Blacksmith against the cruel tyrant Dehak has become the symbol of the rebellion and struggle of the peoples in Kurdistan and the Middle East against the oppressive governments. This struggle which has cost lives for years and the Newroz fire saw victory in the democratic revolution of the peoples in Rojava,” the statement said.

“Let's make the Newroz of 2022 the day when the struggle against colonialism, occupation, collaborationism, persecution and isolation in prisons turns into a rebellion in every area where our Kurdish people live, particularly in Bakur, Bashur, Rojhilat and Rojava Kurdistan. Let's make it a day when the isolation and all kinds of oppression against Öcalan and all revolutionary prisoners are removed, and national unity and freedom are promoted. Let's start the fire of rebellion more intensely in all areas for a free and united Kurdistan.”