Military operation in Lice after yesterday's bombardment on villages

Turkish military started an expansive operation in Lice district of Amed after the imposition of a curfew in 13 villages and a following bombardment targeting the rural areas.

After the Diyarbakır Governorate’s announcement of a curfew in 13 villages in Amed’s Lice district the day before, several Turkish warplanes  bombarded the rural parts of Lice for three hours after the curfew began at 10:00, and several houses in villages such as Hamzabey were burnt down.

While the curfew has been lifted, Turkish military started an operation which also targets the civilian settlements in the region.

Fields of the residents living in the villages turned into ashes and their houses were raked by Turkish soldiers participating in the operation. Following the bombardment on Barav village, helicopters airdropped soldiers into the region where therewith an expansive military operation was launched.

According to reports by local sources, soldiers advancing towards the Hamzabey neighborhood raked a house and civilian car but no reports were immediately available as to the aftermath of the armed attack.

The curfew in the region was lifted yesterday but residents concerned over the military activity report an ongoing presence of soldiers waiting in ambush in their areas.

A civilian by the name of Mahfuz Çelik who lives in the Mergê village neighboring Hamzabey neighborhood stated that the bombardment by Turkish warplanes targeting the rural area near their village began all of a sudden while the people were outside in their fields. He said they couldn't have a chance to escape and several children cannot speak due to fear of the aerial bombardment.