Mesopotamia Freedom Party: Our peoples should stand against the occupation of Gare

Mesopotamia Freedom Party (MÖP) reacted to the invasion attacks organized by the Turkish state in Gare, saying "We state that we are against the Gare invasion attack and that we stand by the Revolutionary Guerrilla who fight selflessly.

In a written statement, the Mesopotamia Freedom Party condemned the Turkish state's invasion attacks against Gare region in the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

The MÖP stated the following: “The Turkish genocidal state which perpetrated the 1915 Sayfo/Genocide against Christian nations is adopting the very same policy against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, the Kurdish people, Alevis and Yazidis today. Since the Turkish genocidal state was founded on racism, fascism and chauvinism, it has always regarded other nations as a threat to itself.

The Turkish racist state, continuously governed by political Islam, Sunni fascism and flexible fascist Kemalism circles does not give a chance to the forces of democracy. Therefore, MHP, AKP and Ergenekon follow the policy and strategy of the Committee of Union and Progress (İttihat Terakki). Their backup is the CHP and other parties that stifle social opposition, while only HDP stands outside them.”

Noting that the attack on Gare was part of an invasion plan initiated years ago against the Southern Mesopotamia-Kurdistan geography, MÖP said, “At the same time, this occupation points to a separation of the patriotic Kurds and the collaborator Kurds. The Kurdish people, who lived together with Christian nations for thousands of years, always got along as friends with the Christian nations, just as is the case in the Northern Syria today. Likewise, Christian nations have always suffered from the Kurdish collaborator groups that acted with the sovereign, colonialist and genocidal mentalities.

The invasion attack on Gare is an attack against the Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean peoples living in the region. Even though this invasion attack is carried out by the Turkish genocidal state, there is a collaborator Kurdish section that paves the way for it and takes part in the attack. For this reason, this collaborator group, acting under the control of the Turkish genocidal and colonialist state, will harm our people as in the past. We condemn this mentality that harms its own people and other peoples. The Kurdish people should act with the sense of national democratic unity against the invasion attack.

We, as the MÖP, state that we are against the Gare invasion attack and stand by the Revolutionary Guerrilla who fight selflessly for a democratic unity of the peoples!

Their struggle against the Turkish genocidal state and the Kurdish collaborator will be successful!

Our call to our Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean people: they should reject the Turkish genocidal state and the Kurdish collaborator mentality.

Our call to the world public opinion; we hope that they will take a stand against the Turkish genocidal state that imposes a massive cruelty on humanity."