Legendary Commander Egîd’s statue erected in Kobanê

The statue made for the memory of the legendary commander Mahsum Korkmaz’s (Egîd) has been erected at the Resistance Square in the city center of Kobanê, fortress of resistance.

Mahsum Korkmaz, code name Egîd, the PKK commander who heroically resisted the colonialist invading Turkish state and became a legend with the August 15, 1984 Lunge, had fallen martyr with a group of his comrades in a clash with the Turkish troops in Gabar on March 28, 1986. Since that day, Commander Egîd took his place in the heart of the people of Kurdistan and his valor traveled from mouth to mouth.

To commemorate Commander Egîd, a blacksmith in Kobanê made his sculpture. The statue is made of iron and has the guerrilla uniform Commander Egîd wore at the time. He is holding a Kalashnikov and his face is looking up. The statue represents victory and prevision. The statue represents victory and prevision.

The statue weighs 2 tonnes and is filled with cement. To preserve the statue longer, it was painted with 3 coats and has been polished.

The statue made by Blacksmith of 20 years Neshat Amy has been erected at the Resistance Square in Kobanê city center Tuesday afternoon, and the square has been renamed 'Meydana Fermandar Egîd', i.e. 'Commander Egid Square'.

The area was covered with YPG/YPJ flags and images of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, martyrs of the Kurdish National Day of Heroism, and journalist Nûjiyan Erhan who was killed by KDP/AKP gangs in Shengal.

The ceremony here was attended by YPG/YPJ fighters, Kobanê Canton Executive Council Vice Presidents Berivan Hesen and Xalid Berkel as well as civilians. The event began with a military ceremony by YPG/YPJ fighters.

Speaking here, YPJ Commander Diljin Kobanê said: Comrade Egîd fought bravely. We have gathered here today owing to his resistance."

Speaking after on behalf of the Martyrs' Families Institution, Ayşe Efendi said today was a day of resistance and a historic day for the Kurdish people. "AKP should know that the federation project became a global project with the blood of martyrs."

Neshat Amy presented the statue, which he made with restricted means for 8 months, to Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, YPG/YPJ fighters and all the guerrillas in free mountains.