'Kurds’ most powerful weapon against threats is national unity'

“National unity is the Kurdish people’s most powerful weapon against the threats by neighbouring countries” Hewre Penam, a prominent Kurdish intellectual in South Kurdistan said.

In an interview with ANF Turkish, Hewre Penam said the most powerful weapon of Kurdish people against threats by Iran, Iraq and Turkey is national unity.

Penam pointed out that the Kurdish people are deprived of their self-determination right and said “But Kurds had a series of opportunities in the past years. We, as one of the oldest nations in the Middle East, were deprived of self-determination right. Since the Kasr-i Shirin Agreement between Ottomans and Safavid we are living in a divided country and we were left without a status. After the World War I, we were divided into four. But now there is a historic opportunity in front of our people. We got this opportunity because of the guerrillas, pesmergha and our fighters’ resistance”.


“The political groups and powers of Kurdistan should work harder to protect the political gains and seize the opportunities for our land. This is only possible with national unity. Kurds don’t have powerful weapons, a unified army or a state but they have the power to establish national unity. Unity will overcome all threats. Under actual circumstances national unity is more powerful than the most powerful military weapon” he said.


Penam criticised South Kurdistan’s political parties of ignoring criticisms of the referendum decision. Recalling the threats from neighbouring countries after the referendum Penam said: “After the short-lived Republic of Mahabad, Kurds rule in South Kurdistan for the past 26 years. We held a referendum. There were a lot of criticisms and different plans. Now we are facing threats from all sides. During this process our political parties, the press should use a common language to insist on national unity and show more effort for the success. 


Penam drew attention to the common language developed by the enemies of Kurdish people after the referendum and underline the importance of national unity against it.

“We saw and we continue to see how invaders of Kurdistan put their differences aside in one day. It’s time for us to take strong steps in direction of national unity against these. We don’t have a more powerful weapon than national unity” he said.