'Kurdish unity will be a major blow to the Turkish state'

Syrian Kurdish Left Party Member Hisên El Eli said that the Turkish state will continue its invasion attacks until 2023 which will mark centenary of the Treaty of Lausanne and urged Kurdish political organizations and people to unite.

The invading Turkish state has recently increased its invasion attacks against North and East Syrian regions. The Turkish forces target civilians in order to intimidate and thus to force them to migrate.

Speaking to ANHA, Hisên El Eli, a member of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party (PÇKS), stated that the Kurdish people are going through quite a challenging process. “The Kurdish parties and the people of the region should unite against Turkish occupation and establish unity. Policies of the Turkish state from the old Ottoman Empire to the new Ottoman Empire under Erdogan indicate that the Turkish state will attempt to occupy other regions until 2023, when the Treaty of Lausanne will mark its centenary.”

El Eli remarked that the Turkish attacks on North and East Syrian regions are not new. “The invading Turkish state attacks wherever there is a Kurdish project. It is carrying out massacres in the North and East Syria and Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê.”

El Eli urged the US and Russia to determine their stance against the Turkish invasion in the North and East Syrian regions and to condemn the massacre carried out by Turkey in Zirgan. “We all know that the invading Turkish state wants to cover up its internal crisis with its attacks on North-East Syria.”


El Eli called on the people of North and East Syria and the Kurdish parties to join forces against the attacks in order to protect the region from occupation. “Kurdish parties should put aside their personal interests and disagreements and strive for national unity and the interests of the Kurdish people. The unity of the Kurdish parties will be a major blow to Turkey and its supporters. I hope that the Kurdish people will achieve victory and that a democratic Kurdish project can be realized to stand against the enemy.”