Kurdish parties to present a single list at next Iraqi elections

Abdurehman Mistefa, co-chairn of the Kurdistan alliances list, said that Kurdish parties would contest the forthcoming elections in Iraq with a single list.

While the election process continues in Iraq, Kurds are preparing to contest the new elections with a single list.

Abdurehman Mistefa, co-chair of the list of Kurdistan alliances, evaluated the ANF for the election process. Mistefa said that there are 32 parties and institutions in the Kurdistan alliances list.

"Besides the Kurdish parties, - he said - there is one Arab and four Turkmen parties. So far, we have had a very profitable work. We did not have any problems during the meetings with the parties. This single list will form the basis of success and gains for the Kurdish people."

Mistefa reminded that Kurdish votes were actually dispersed in the previous elections. "The votes canceled will not be canceled this time. This will be a great success for our people. This time we will get the majority of seats in the Assembly and we will be in a better position to serve the people."