KONGRA-GEL: Turkey’s attacks are the flutters of fascism's collapse

The KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Council stated that, “Because the fascist Turkish state government is in the midst of political collapse, it will attack even more.”

In a written statement on the ISIS attack on the Sinaa prison in Hesekê on January 20 and Turkey’s simultaneous air raids on Maxmur, Shengal, and Rojava on February 1, The KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Council said that fascists attacked with the fear and panic generated by its collapse.

KONGRA-GEL stated that "To prevent its political collapse, the fascist Turkish state dictatorship, represented by the AKP-MHP administration, is assaulting its opponents, whom it recognizes as enemies.  It is challenging all of the victories of the 'Free Kurd' created by the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, the opposition's power source."

The statement continued:

“The ISIS insurrection at Hesekê's Sinaa jail, which the AKP-MHP planned from Serêkanî and Girê Sipî and started on 20 January (the anniversary of the Afrin invasion attack), was put down by the SDF. On the same day, the Turkish state attacked Shengal.

Just as ISIS suffered its first big loss in Kobanê on January 26, 2015, and began to go downward, SDF troops handed the gangs a second huge blow on the same day, January 26, 2022, by utterly defeating the ISIS prison insurrection. This second major setback, following Kobanî, dealt a significant blow to both ISIS gangs and AKP-MHP fascism.

On the night of February 1, the AKP-MHP fascism launched several air raids against Maxmur, Shengal, and Rojava at the same time, in order to shift the bad agenda created by this setback and to demonstrate their own power.

Fascism is blind, they can not see the truth. Because Turkish state fascism does not acknowledge Kurdish reality, it believes that the Kurdish people's movement for freedom and democracy will recede through attacks. However, the animosity towards the Kurdish people, as well as the martyrs who were sacrificed, has even fueled our people's resistance even further. The struggle carried out by our people in the last 50 years under the leadership of Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK is concrete evidence of this.

The important issue that friends, enemies and all interested parties should know; the Turkish state's century-old denial and annihilation programs, which were predicated on the denial of the Kurdish people, have now come to an end. The fascist state structure that insists on these practices is in a condition of economic, political, social, and moral collapse.

Fascism targets all of its opponents, particularly the Kurdish gains, as a result of the fear and panic caused by this collapse. We state clearly; these attacks are the flutters of fascism's collapse; the more they struggle, the faster their fall will accelerate. We may make 2022 the year of fascism's demise as the People's and Freedom movement; all of the circumstances are in place.

Our people's mass organized resistance to the fascist onslaught in Maxmur, Shengal, and Rojava was vital in putting an end to the attacks. Our people in the north, south, east, and west of Kurdistan, as well as those living abroad, should play a more active part in the downfall of fascism, mobilizing our friends and international public opinion.”