KONGRA GEL issues urgent call for action for Nusaybin

KONGRA GEL called on everybody to stand up for Nusaybin.

The KONGRA GEL Co-Presidency has issued a written declaration on the state forces’ massacre attempts in Mardin’s Nusaybin district.

The declaration pointed out that the state forces failed to break the people’s resistance in Nusaybin and attempted to destroy the district along with the people with bombs from fighter jets. The statement stresses “This shows how Erdoğan’s fascist state waging this dirty war against our people is cornered as well” and continues:


“A fundamental reason for the fascist state carrying out mass killings so recklessly is the silence of the public. Everybody should know that the most fundamental power that will stop Erdoğan’s fascism is the freedom and democracy struggle led by Kurdistan’s people. And this struggle is not just for the Kurdish people. This struggle is for the free future of all the oppressed and the marginalized threatened under Erdoğan’s fascism. This is a struggle for all humanity. Thus, it is unacceptable to stay silent. Silence means approving the footsteps of fascism.”


The declaration calls on everybody to stand up for the glorious struggle of the Nusaybin people and continues:

“To add strength to those who fight fascism heroically, to be their voice and their comrade, we call on the people of Nusaybin to make the resistance their own.

We call on all of Kurdistan’s peoples, on Kurdistan and Turkey peoples living in Turkey’s metropolitan cities and abroad,  everybody should stand up to increase the resistance to protest Erdoğan’s fascism, to break the silence of the public, to call the international institutions to action and to unite all forces of democracy against fascism. We call on our people living in Europe in particular, you must urgently fulfill your historic role to make the UN, EU, EP, EC and the public take action. Tomorrow might be too late for everybody. We call on every democrat, revolutionary, progressive against Erdoğan’s fascism to unite with the resistance the people of Nusaybin have upheld. Today is a day of action, today is a day to increase the resistance.”