KONGRA GEL holds 10th General Assembly Meeting

KONGRA GEL held its 10th General Assembly Meeting in Medya Defense Zones with the participation of 161 delegates on August 1.

KONGRA GEL held its 10th General Assembly Meeting in Medya Defense Zones with the participation of 161 delegates on August 1.

KONGRA GEL co-chair Hacer Zagros held the opening speech and stated that they dedicated the congress to Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Zagros commemorated all the martyrs of revolution and offered condolences to the Kurdish people and families of all those killed in the ISIS attack in Qamishlo city of Rojava. Zagros also saluted the operation to liberate Manbij which is run in the name of Martyr Commander Faysal Abu Leyla.

Following the opening speech, delegates swore in Kurdish, Arabic, Persian and Turkish and all constituents presented their reports to the General Assembly. The agenda of the congress was marked by evaluations on Öcalan and his health, security and freedom.

The evaluations made during the congress put emphasis on the Kurdish struggle as the most effective and strong battle in the Middle East, and the international conspiracy against Öcalan in 1998 that aimed to redesign the Middle East. It was also emphasised that the conspiracy has failed as the Kurdish leader and the struggle he leads has given a new course to the developments in the Middle East.

It was pointed out that the contradiction and conflict among the US-EU and AKP has gotten deeper in the face of the Kurdish struggle during the course of the war taking place in the Middle East.

Attributing the fall of Davutoğlu government to these developments, the evaluations of the congress highlighted that the dominant powers in Turkey aimed to overcome their weakness through the coup attempt of July 15. It was remarked that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan formed a front of aggression on the Kurdish people and democracy forces under the name of anti-coup bloc after the failure of this coup attempt.

Participants of the congress also commemorated the victims of the Shengal massacre on August 3, 2014.

The congress continued with elections, with Hacer Zagros and Remzi Kartal being re-appointed to the co-presidency of KONGRA GEL.

34 people were elected as members of the KCK Executive Council, while Cemil Bayık and Bese Hozat were re-elected as co-presidents of the KCK Executive Council.

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık held the closing speech of the congress which lasted 4 days. Bayık dedicated the 10th General Assembly Meeting to the martyrs of Shengal, Rojava and self-rule resistance in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan.

Bayık put emphasis on the importance of focusing the struggle, resistance and battle on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and his principles because all the developments currently taking place in Kurdistan and the Middle East were developed around him. Bayık recalled the remarks of Öcalan who said he was working for a democratic political resolution which, however, had the possibility of not being realized, in which case -he said- the people would develop their resolution by themselves.

Bayık stressed that construction of democratic autonomy and resistance must be led together as the struggle would otherwise not reach its goals.

Bayık ended his speech by calling on everyone to fulfill their responsibilities and missions on this basis.