KDP denies women's delegation access to Shengal

A delegation of women that left Sulaymaniyah for Shengal was stopped and obstructed by KDP asayish in Duhok.

A delegation of 20 women comprised of REJAK members, intellectuals, artists and academics went from Sulaymaniyah to Duhok on their way to Shengal to mark the second year anniversary of the 3 August Shengal genocide.

KDP asayish stopped the delegation in Duhok and forced the women to return, saying “What business do you have in Shengal?”

In a statement to the press on the obstruction, REJAK member Berivan Mıhemed on behalf of women condemned the KDP's attitude and stated that they faced hindrance although they had informed the officials about their visit to Shengal one week ago. Mıhemed said asayish forces threatened them and denied permission to continue their way, remarking that KDP has laid a siege on Shengal.