KCK: The KDP must end handing over Kurdish politicians and revolutionaries to the Turkish state

KCK Executive Council, issued a statement on the Kurdish politician Ömer Bartan, who took refuge in South Kurdistan and has being handed over to Turkey by the KDP.

In a written statement the KCK said that KDP’s relation with Turkey is causing great damage to the Kurdish people struggle for freedom and added the KDP's approach to the Kurdish organizations are ones of sabotage.

The statement of the KCK is as follows:

“The KDP delivered another Kurdish politician to the Turkish state, after having arrested him a year and a half ago. Kurdish politician Ömer Bartan was prosecuted because of his political activities in Turkey and Kurdistan. Ömer Bartan did not go to Europe, but to South Kurdistan under the control of the Kurdish administration. He did not want to break away from his country. However, he faced an unexpected situation in Bashur Kurdistan. He was arrested because Turkey wanted so. From time to time the KDP delivers Kurdish politicians to please Turkey. Such practices by the administration of the KDP hurt all Kurds. We call on the KDP to give up this stance.”

The statement added: “The Turkish state is a leader in hatred against Kurds. Dozens of Kurdish politicians are detained in Bashur and in Turkey every day, just for defending their basic rights and freedoms of the Kurdish people. Ömer Bartan was sentenced to imprisonment by genocidal colonialist Turkish courts for the same reason. For the KDP to deliver a Kurdish politician to Turkey means to confirm the reasons for the arrests of Kurds by the Turkish state.

The KDP’s relation with Turkey is causing great damage to the Kurdish people struggle for freedom. Many PKK members and fighters who have no relation with the KDP have been arrested and held in prison for years. However, when an agent who has fallen into the guerrilla's hands, the KDP demands his release.

These attitudes of the KDP are prompting reactions among the Kurdish people, as well as a situation of sabotage and poisoned relations between Kurdish organizations. In particular, helping a state that is a leader in anti-Kurdish policies and aims at exterminating Kurds not only harms the freedom struggle of the people of North Kurdistan, but also the freedom struggle and achievements of our people in 4 parts of Kurdistan. For this reason, the KDP should abandon such attitudes and not hand over any Kurdish politician and revolutionary to the genocidal colonialist Turkish state."