KCK: Occupation and war policy will meet resistance

"The purpose of the bombardment of Bashur Kurdistan is to make it easier to invade Kurdistan by provoking an exodus", said KCK Executive Council.

"The AKP-MHP fascist government has added a new massacre to ones perpetrated in Bashur (southern) Kurdistan”, the KCK Executive Council said in a written statement and added that the villages in Şelediz (Duhok) were hit by warplanes directed by unmanned reconnaissance planes. Three brothers were killed in the attack.

The KCK extended its condolences to "the families of the martyrs, to Bashur Kurdistan and all the Kurdish people. Their longing, for a free Kurdistan will be achieved and the genocidal colonial invading forces will be defeated”.

The statement explained the occupation policy by the Turkish state which does not spare civilians:

"The purpose of the bombardment of Bashur Kurdistan is to make it easier to invade Kurdistan by provoking an exodus. A little time earlier, four civilians were killed during an attack on villagers in Qandil's Balayan valley. All these attacks and massacres are aimed at breaking the will of the Kurdish people. Just as thousands of villages have been evacuated and emptied in Bakur (northern) Kurdistan in the 1990s, in order to erase support for guerrillas, the present attacks are carried out with the same mindset and purpose”.

The statement continued: "The Turkish state has been angry with the Sheladize people since its defeat of Zap in 2008. During the occupation campaign in Zap, the people of Sheladize stood up and actually prevented the occupation. The people of Amadiya, Dereluk, Sheladize worked together with the guerrilla, organising actions together which eventually resulted in the Turkish army’s historic defeat. The AKP-MHP fascism took its revenge on the people of Sheladize with this massacre. Last year, two villagers in Sheladize were killed when the village was bombed by Turkish warplanes. If the political forces of Bashur Kurdistan and the people do not show a strong stance against these attacks, these massacres will continue”.

The statement pointed out that; “Sheladize massacre took place as part of the occupation campaign initiated with the occupation of the Bradost area. Airplanes hit every living creature. For this reason, there will be massacres of this kind especially in areas that the Turkish state wants to occupy. If there is no reaction against the occupation of Bradost, then more occupation operations will happen and war will spread even further”.

The statement ended by underlining that “Our freedom movement will continue to act against the occupation and aggression this policy will actually be defeated. The people of Bashur Kurdistan should oppose this occupation showing deep patriotism, taking side with the guerrillas and playing a historical role in destroying the invading forces as they did in 2008”.